Are you looking for a well rounded workout?  Do you like feedback while you exercise in order to make the most out of your time?  Are you worried about working out because of your existing conditions and want the support of a highly trained instructor?  Pilates sessions under the direction of a fully trained STOTT Pilates instructor are a great way to increase your fitness, enhance your strength, improve your posture, and ensure you are doing it all safely and efficiently.


First Group Mat and First Group Springboard classes FREE!!!!


Group Springboard Classes (Limited to 4 Participants):

Drop In: $18.00

5 Class Package: $80.00 ($16/class)

10 Class Package: $150.00 ($15/class)


Group Mat Classes:

Drop In: $13.00

5 Class Package: $60.00 ($12/class)

10 Class Package: $100.00 ($10/class)


Private and Small Group Pilates Pricing (All 1 hour sessions with equipment):

Single Private Session: $60.00

5 Private Sessions: $290.00 ($58/session)

10 Private Sessions: $550.00 ($55/session)


Duet Session: $35.00 per person

5 Duet Sessions: $160 per person ($32/person/session)

10 Duet Sessions: $300.00 per person ($30/person/session)


We Accept:

Cash, Check, All major credit cards

payment options

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