Are Pilates or Wellness sessions right for you?

  • Are you working to gain strength, improve flexibility, or build endurance?
  • Have you had a recent change in your health and aren’t sure where to start in getting back to exercise?
  • Do you want accountability and motivation to stick with a program?
  • Do you want to work with a highly trained and educated instructor to make sure you are exercising safely and effectively?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you would likely benefit from a Pilates or Wellness consult!

What does a typical private Pilates or Wellness client experience?

Step 1: Assessment and Goal Setting

Even if you are generally well, it is still important to check in with your needs and wants. We will listen to your areas of concern, any specific goals you have, and discuss your overall health status. We will then do a postural analysis and movement screen to identify any other areas that could be improved.

Step 2: Workout!

Since each client has different needs and desires, exercise programs will be tailored to the individual. Unless you have specific requirements or requests, a workout session will generally be well-rounded with a full body emphasis. We aim to find a balance between mobility and strength, supporting each joint in an optimal way and then making sure all your body parts can move cohesively and smoothly together. In this way, we will improve your efficiency and power in movement and minimize the risk of future injury.

If you are ready to schedule your Pilates session, contact us now.

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