• Physical Therapy:  You can expect exclusive 1:1 time with a Doctor of Physical Therapy during your thorough evaluation session as well as all treatment visits to ensure that your needs are systematically being assessed and addressed.  Various combinations of manual therapy, exercise, activity training, dry needling, balance training, and more will be utilized depending on what is revealed in your assessment and what works best with your lifestyle and preferences. Learn More


  • Pilates: If you have no new or pressing ailments but want to maintain your fitness through a well-balanced, individualized program, Pilates may be right for you.  Pilates helps to maintain spinal mobility, full-body strength, and core stability to help keep you doing the activities that you love in a safe and efficient manner.  If there is a specific injury you are trying to improve, physical therapy may be a more inclusive treatment approach initially, but if you have minor or chronic issues, Pilates may still be for you.  The benefit of having a Pilates instructor who has the educational background as a physical therapist ensures that the program will be designed with your specific strengths and weaknesses in mind to reach your goals safely and effectively. Learn More


  • Dry Needling: If you have tight or painful areas in your muscles, if something feels “off,” or if you need a reset after a big event, dry needling might help you meet your needs. Learn More


  • Nutrition Consulting:  Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Carly Cooley is here to help you achieve your goals whether they involve weight loss, athletic performance, pregnancy, disease management, or something different.  Fore more information or to contact Carly, check out her website.


  • FREE Discovery Visit: If you are not sure which service would be most appropriate for your circumstances or want to chat with Jacki to see if Spire Physical Therapy & Wellness is a good fit for you, contact us or schedule now to set up a completely free, no risk appointment so that you can learn about Spire and options that may benefit you and so that we can get to know you and your needs better as well.
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